Are Banana Peels Good For Tomato Plants?

Usually, banana peels are good for many kinds of plants, especially tomato plants, because of the nutritional value of banana peels. It acts as a fertilizer for your plant and makes your plant healthy in a short time.

Just like having a banana, people can also use banana peels to add them in plants to make the plant achieve proper growth. Most people prefer to add bananas to their plants by water.

Banana peels decompose quickly, and they can be a great additive for many plants. It makes the root strong and provides a better texture for plants. Mostly these banana peels can enhance the color and texture of the plant. This lockdown has made people go crazy because of the endless Covid variants and extended lockdowns.

However, we are living a normal life; the arrival of new viruses has created a threat, and any time we can expect the lockdowns in India soon. So, people nowadays prefer to use their own products that are cultivated naturally.

In the same way, we have seen many people growing vegetables, fruits, and much more plants in their lands or even in terrace gardens. Maintaining these plants might be hectic, and banana peels can help in this situation. Banana peels can provide excessive strength and nutrients to all plants.

Are Banana Peels Good for Tomato Plants?

When left out in the water for more than a week will make the banana peel achieve richness in potassium and phosphorus. This will be an added advantage for plant growers, especially for tomato plant growers, as the potassium and phosphorus will provide some strength to the plant, which eventually results in fast growth, well-textured flowers, good taste in tomatoes, and much more.

On the whole, adding banana peels to your tomato plants will make your plant grow well. It is a great organic composting material that can be used to put around in your house growing plants.

Use of Banana Peels for Vegetable Garden

There are many uses and benefits of using banana peels on vegetable plants, so anyone can use this organic method to make their plants achieve proper growth on time.

It also eradicates pests and insects as the smell of banana peels will create some irritation to pests. So it is a must to add some natural ingredients to increase the plant’s life.

These peels must be collected in an empty vessel, and the complete mixture must be dried in an air-tight container to make them dry.

These dry peels can be used in many places, especially in places with excessive pests. As it can eradicate pests in a short time, people can prefer using these peels in plants that are surrounded by pests.

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#1 Banana peels can be sued as a spray-on fertilizer

Banana peels can be added to some water, and sugar, and this mixture can be kept for 10 to 12 hours.

In this time, the water will attain all the nutrients, and when this mixture is added to sugar and salt, it makes a perfect fertilizer. This fertilizer can be used to spray on plants to make them attain more growth. The growth of the plant can be attained by adding some natural nutrients like banana peels.

The spray will eventually make your leaves and flowers grow properly. The combination may differ according to the need, but the main ingredients for banana peels are sugar and water, and this water will allow the plant to achieve great texture.

Adding this to tomato plants will make the fruit grow well and achieve good taste.

#2 Banana teas may also help plants to achieve proper growth

In the previous method, a quantity of water is added with banana and mixed well with sugar, but this method is rich in making a banana tea that is rich in phosphorous and potassium; we can add banana peel to some water and leave them for a week or two.

Due to the chemical process, the plain water will achieve all the nutrients of banana peels. This mixture can be added to weak plants. This mineral-rich banana will make your plant achieve maximum growth in a short time.

Moreover, the plant that is fed with this mixture will be pest-free. You can visually monitor the changes by just adding this mixture to one plant and leaving another plant without adding this mixture. The visual growth will clear all your doubts.

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#3 Adding some Banana peels in soil

Some seeds will have the required strength to grow the plant, but the soil will be a week, so to achieve the essential nutrients, people can dig 2 to 3 inches of soil and add some banana peels to make the soil achieve the essential nutrients.

These banana peels can even be powdered or made like a paste by adding it with water. To powder your banana peels; you have to first dry them in sunlight for one week.

After this process, people can put these mixtures into a mixer grinder to powder those dried peels.

The powder can mix well with soil so add them to the soil with fewer nutrients. It will take around 2 to 3 hours to complete the entire process, but the soil will receive essential nutrients like calcium, vitamins, and minerals after two weeks.

So plant your seed after leaving the mixture for one week.

#4 Attracting butterflies and birds in your garden

People can just encourage some butterflies and birds in their garden because allowing birds and butterflies will enhance the growth of plants. Eradicating pests is essential, but allowing these birds and butterflies will be an added advantage in your garden.

So, people can prefer using banana peels and even bananas to attract birds, butterflies, and much more insects that are beneficial to plants growth. Placing bananas in places accessible to these plants will make the place look more attractive.

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Nutrient Requirements to Grow Tomato

Growing tomatoes isn’t easy, but they can be made easy by following some basic steps. First, people should know the exact nutrient required to grow the plant properly.

Potassium and nitrogen play a vital role in making your tomato plant achieve proper growth. It is one of the important ingredients that help the plant grow properly.

During the initial stages, the growth will be less, but soon after one week, you will witness the growth and richness of the plant because of potassium and nitrogen.

Banana peels are rich in potassium and nitrogen. These two main ingredients are required to have proper growth throughout the life span of a tomato plant.

In these ingredients, nitrogen helps achieve a proper tomato crop, and the ratio may vary according to the crop you plant in each stage. K level of the crop can be ensured by adding some quantity of potassium into the soil in regular intervals.

As it is one of the main ingredients, people can add it without doubt; it neutralizes the negative charges of anions and mineral anions.

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How to Use Banana Peels for Tomato Plants?

There are various methods for using banana peels in your garden and your tomato plants, but people can choose the preferred method to have a pleasing look in their gardens.

One of the most attractive and efficient methods for adding bananas in your garden is by mixing banana peels and egg and grinding them in a mixer grinder to make them a paste. These pastes can be added with soil and even in some outer layers of the root.

People can even dig the soil and place this natural fertilizer or additive in that soil for making the mixture merge well with the roots and plants that eventually result in proper growth of plants.

Unfortunately, our markets are filled with some high-end chemical fertilizers and other items that may damage the plant in the long run.

So preparing a natural fertilizer in your home might be helpful. The process might be hectic but protecting your plant is necessary to look appealing.

Another method for preparing fertilizer spray has been mentioned above, so people can even use that method for making the plant achieve proper growth.

Banana Peels for Tomato Plants in Containers

#1 Banana peels with vinegar

Creating some banana vinegar paste allows your plant to grow well in all situations. This mixture is specially made for tomato plants as the plants can have a blooming look and brightness without adding any additives.

This mixture of banana and water can be placed in containers for 10 days, and soon after that, users can take this out and place them in vinegar to attain the required nutrients in that moisture.

Finally, applying this mixture to your plant will make your plant achieve maximum growth in a short time.

#2 Fermenting banana peels

This method is well suited for all flowering plants, and hence it suits well for the growth of tomatoes.

  • Take a jar and fill it with water, then submerge the banana peels into the water. As banana peels are less in weight, people can add some weight to the water to make the banana peel settle in the bottom.
  • Leave this mixture for a week or two by covering the bottle with a soft cotton cloth and rubber band.
  • After a week or two, users can take a filter and strain all the water and banana peals separately.
  • Now the water will have all the nutrients of banana peels, and by pouring it into the plant, the plant will achieve the required growth.

Important Tips to Grow Tomatoes

  • Tomato plants need a lot of ventilation to achieve proper growth, so anyone can place them in outside areas. If people prefer to place them in closed surroundings,then they can provide their plants with excessive ventilation. Implementing some artificial fans might help your tomato plant to achieve max growth.
  • Before planting the seed, you can just preheat the soil to make the plant achieve good growth. Tomato plants can grow well in warm areas, so maintain the warmth of the soil through out the season, and you can prefer growing this plant in moderate climatic conditions.
  • Water your plant regularly during the growing season because your plant may suffer from water scarcity.


Hence in this article, we have seen some basic tips for making the tomato plant achieve proper growth using banana peels. Not only for tomato plants, but all the flowering plants also require a natural ingredient like a banana peel to grow the plant without facing any issues. Hope you’ll know how to use banana peel for growing tomato plants.

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